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Thinking about remodeling your basement but concerned about the cost? You’re not alone. While basement finishing is one of the most popular home remodeling options, it’s also a significant investment. For many homeowners, understanding the cost/value ratio (the amount of your initial purchase you can expect to recoup upon sale) and return on investment of this remodel is very important.

Remodeling Magazine has released their annual Cost vs Value Report for basement remodeling contractors st louis projects in 2016. This research examines 30 popular home remodeling options and the value they retain for homeowners.

The study found that a basement remodel retains an average of 70.4% of its value, meaning that when you sell your home you can expect to get 70% of the money you paid for the basement back in the sale price. The study found that a basement remodel holds more resale value than a two story addition, a bathroom remodel, a major kitchen remodel, and the addition of rooms like a family room, bathroom, and master suite.

If you’re interested in remodeling your basement, Total Basement Finishing is the solution you need. Our unique system is completely waterproof and mold resistant, meaning that it will last longer than traditional building materials and won’t be destroyed when water gets into the basement. We provide complete wall and flooring options, as well as key features like dehumidifiers. If you want to invest in finishing your basement, the best decision is to choose products that are designed to last.

If you’re interested in finishing your basement, we’d be happy to help you plan a design for a living room, play area, game room, or anything else you want. Contact your local Total Basement Finishing dealer to learn more about our system and the benefits it offers for your home.